Central Institute for Research on Buffaloes
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The institute has well equipped laboratories for undertaking research in different aspects of buffalo husbandry, Health and Reproduction.  
Animal Physiology and Reproduction Division

  • Semen Freezing Lab
  • Proteomics and Metabolomics  Lab
  • Embryo biotechnology Lab
  • BPR Central Lab
Animal Genetics & Breeding Division

  • Central Molecular Biology Lab
  • Bull Certification Lab
  • Genomics Lab
  • Biometrical cell
  • Milk analysis Lab
  • Buffalo Health Lab
  • Computer Lab
Anima Nutrition and Feed Technology Division

  • Rumen Microbiome Lab
  • Mineral Nutrition Lab
  • Feed Analysis and Quality Control  Lab
  • Protein Nutrition Lab
  • Complete feed Lab
  • Feed Safety Lab  
Sub – Campus Nabha

  • Nutrition Lab
  • Semen Freezing Lab
  • Genetics and Breeding Lab
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